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Small Town Boy to Major League Man

Daniel Norris Talks His Life In The Big Leagues And The Small Things That Get Him Going Story by Jennifer Ares

Sparky Anderson, the longtime Detroit Tigers skipper, was once quoted as saying, “If I ever find a pitcher who has heat, a good curve, and a slider, I might seriously consider marrying him, or at least proposing.” Newly acquired pitcher Daniel Norris won’t have to worry about any proposals from Anderson since the world lost Sparky in 2010, but if he were still around I doubt Norris would mind gaining the attention of such a storied coach. “I love playing baseball. It’s so much fun. It’s work, but fun work and I can’t imagine doing anything else.” Norris’ handshake belies the power that lies in his arm and helped get him to the majors. He is quiet and humble and perhaps a bit overwhelmed by the near celebrity status that follows him on his trips back to Johnson City.


A Discovery Moment with Pastor Tony Marr

September 29, 2008. The day started great. A good workout, nice breakfast, productivity and efficiency set in motion. Then everything began to change.

I had a plan. I had been living out this plan for a decade. I opened my first portfolio account when I was 18 years old. Diligently researching and investing for my future became not only a hobby but an obsession. Having benefited from the west coast real estate boom, I found myself in a place few people find themselves before age 30. House paid for, cars paid for, investments solid. Then that day in late September. The greatest single day crash of the stock market that set off a recession and would rock my financial world. READ MORE




February 5, 2016
69th Annual Chamber Dinner
Meadowview Convention Center- Kingsport, TN


February 13, 2016
CASA Red Shoe Gala
Meadowview Convention Center- Kingsport, TN


February 20, 2016
Cocktails & Cute Handbags
The Virginian - Bristol, VA


March 24, 2016
3rd Annual Yum-Yum: Power of the Bite
Nelson Fine Art - Johnson City, TN